About Me

I had a love for rocks since I can remember. This passion for pretty rocks was set in stone by a vacation trip my parents took me on from Missouri to the California coast over the old route 66 in 1963. My dad let me fill the trunk of our wing-tipped Buick with petrified wood, selenite, and even a small sequoia cactus he put in an old pot and covered with a leather hat so we wouldn't get thorned (we all did anyway).

I didn't pursue this passion for rocks as a career, so I had to wait for vacations and finally retirement for the time to hunt. I thought I would do the rock and mineral show circuit, but sitting around all day in a booth talking rocks is not my thing. I belong out in the desert in the middle of a perlite vein, or in the woods a few yards up from the Mississippi river scoping out the Warsaw formation.

Although I still enjoy hunting and digging geodes, I have cracked and cut enough. I unintentionally break enough extracting these lovely rocks to know and appreciate what's inside. I set up this website to make available these stones, whole, to be cracked or cut and polished by you. In my biased opinion there is no better thrill than to open these and be the first to see how unique and pretty these geodes are.

Although I don't have x-ray vision to see what's in the cavities, I have developed a skill to sort out the trash and only keep the good. Whether it is making sure a thunderegg is solid agate and has both its caps, to making sure the Keokuk geode is hollow and not solid, and both come from locations that produce good agate or crystals.

All of the locations I write about on this website are producing geodes. Although encouraged by my infrequent companions to write about the many unproductive sites we visited, I will keep it positive. Even though most known sites are unproductive by hand digging, the act of getting there and the landscape itself are always worth the effort.

Contact: edjothegeodehunter@gmail.com