Boulder Beach

This location is a long way off the beaten path, and it is impossible to get one of these giant septarians on the plane. I have to mention it though, as it sure is a cool area to visit. Located on the east coast of the south island of New Zealand, it is a nice place to take a break from the mountains and sand flies (nasty critters) of the Tasmanian west coast. I spent several days here hiking the coast and checking out the seals and penguins.

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These septarians have to be the biggest on the planet, and they seemed to be holding up well to the pounding surf.

Many of the road-cuts in this area have these big orbs sticking out of the shale, and if I lived here, there would defiantly be a few in my front yard.

Around the point a mile south of the septarian boulders (I hiked at low tide) were several iridescent abalone sea shells washed up on the beach. These, I could take on the plane, and one made it back to Missouri.

Down the coast on the most southeastern shore is a small petrified forest.

The penguins raise their young on this little beach and I spent a few days here trying to get a picture. Damn birds weren't cooperating.

Such a lovely country to visit, with campgrounds every few miles (easy to travel cheaply) and lots to see... including the mountain of doom (it is a must-climb). I will end this story with a picture taken from the top of Avalanche Peak on the south island showing a strange encounter with a personable bird.