Orderville Septarians

This exposure is the only place in the world where good septarians are still being dug. I have dropped by this place several times over the years to hunt for the spoils of the claimants, but have rarely been successful. There is only one active claimant at this time (the Bug House in Delta Utah) and they tell me the digging is getting very hard. It costs thousands of dollars to run the monster track hoe needed to dig in the hard shale. The hollow nodules are only found in the deep layers and this big exposure has been dug very deep. This site is on BLM land so if you stay out of the active pit you are free to hunt around. Lots of abandoned pits here with high quarry walls, nothing to find, and a dangerous place for unattended kids.

I am not trying to discourage you from visiting this site, but I have found it to be futile. Maybe in the early 1950s you could find a nice septarian in the bed of mud creek, but certainly not now. My wife and I took a trip to the Tetons to do the technical hike to the top, so we had our ropes when we visited Orderville in 19something. The following pics show me on the rope digging out a few nodules in the quarry wall. These all turned out to be solid with a seashell in the very center.

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While I was playing around on the ropes getting worthless solid nodules, my wife looked down and spotted the top of a nodule sticking out near her feet. When I got down and dug it out I couldn't believe it. It was a good hollow septarian the claimant had missed. In the process of helping me on the ropes and trying to keep her feet out of the water, she had kicked away the shale over the best Orderville septarian nodule I/we have ever self-collected.